April 18, 2021

Gospel Music Black Artists

Women have played an important role in gospel music since the early 20th century. Some of the most prominent performers include Mahalia Jackson, Aretha Franklin, and Karen Clark Sheard. They helped bring the power of gospel music black artists into the mainstream as musical innovators with empowering voices that left an indelible mark in the music industry. Although this music found its start in places of worship, its distinct sound and invigorating beat proved to be a music genre that touched the ears and hearts of a broad cross-section of Americans and people around the globe. The music of top gospel music black artists continues to fill the airwaves of the best gospel radio stations today for example:



Gospel Music and African American Performers


According to Sound Business: Great Women Of Gospel Music And The Transmission Of Tradition, the influence of gospel music on top vocalists such as Mahalia Jackson, Aretha Franklin, and Karen Clark Sheard has left its mark on the American music industry. Despite the religious impact of the music, the talent of the performers in hand with the contagious beat and message of gospel music not only helped skyrocket these performers to stardom but also proved to influence the sound of other music genres. Male artists such as Kirk Franklin and Andrae Crouch cannot be overlooked when considering top gospel music black artists.

Mahalia Jackson


Mahalia Jackson earned her title as “The World’s Greatest Gospel Singer,” as the first international black gospel music star selling millions of records. She was also a civil rights activist and believed to be one of the most noted contraltos in the gospel genre. Her signature song “Take My Hand, Precious Lord” continues to move and inspire listeners today. She is a Multi-Grammy Award Winner and Grammy Award Hall of Famer with a career that spanned the 1920s until the early 1970s.

Kirk Franklin


This male singer is most likely the bestselling Gospel artist of all time. As a modern performer, he has helped push black Gospel music the farthest, reaching mainstream fame with multiple Grammy Awards. He is a Stellar Award-winning singer, songwriter, musician, and producer who was regarded as a child prodigy when growing up in Fort Worth, Texas.


However, it was his 1993 cross-over hit, “Why We Sing” that stayed on the charts for almost two years that won him the spot as the first million-selling Gospel album artist. Despite his Christian ties, his controversial hit video and single “Stomp” featuring rapper Cheryl “Salt” James not only hit the Billboard’s Gospel, Urban and Top 40 Charts, but also received heavy rotation on MTV.

Andrae Crouch


As an eight-time Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter, arranger and producer, Andrae Crouch is celebrated as a modern-day pioneer. He is possibly the first to cross Gospel music into Christian music successfully. He has performed with artists across multiple genres including R. Kelly, Mary J. Blige, Bono of U2, Crystal Lewis, Kirk Franklin, Whitney Houston, the Georgia Mass Choir and more.

Dynamic Duos


Gospel music black artists also include many popular duos and groups. Brother and sister duo, Benjamin, and Priscilla Winans, who perform under the name BeBe and CeCe, are the first Gospel duo to reach number 1 on the Billboard Sales Chart. Talent runs in the family with older brothers Ronald, Marvin, Carvin and Michael Winans, better known as The Winans bringing a new sound to gospel with their mash-up of Urban Contemporary Gospel and Bible-based/inspirational lyrics.  The Caravans all-female group was the first group to make a name for themselves through their distinct harmonies and chic sense of style. They reigned supreme as the favored female Gospel group for over a decade and are often played on thi online Black Gospel Radio station. 


To get a taste of these artists and more,tune into featured online Gospel & inspirational radio stations across the United States. 



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April 9, 2021

The Major Consequences Of Not Changing Your Air Filter

If you’re like other people, you don’t care about your HVAC system until it stops working properly. Do you know what one of the most common causes of device complication or malfunction is? Filters that are clogged. Continue reading to learn more about how air filters function in your HVAC system and what can happen if they aren’t changed on a regular basis.

Whatever you need for your HVAC system, PJ MAC HVAC Service & Repair are top-rated air conditioning installation professionals in Southeastern Pennsylvania who can solve any issue. Find useful information and tools on our website, then let us assist you in contacting an HVAC professional. 

How Do Air Filters Work?

Air filters are usually made of spun fiberglass or pleated paper, with a cardboard frame surrounding them. They are mounted in a particular location in HVAC systems and function as a barrier to avoid chemicals and other pollutants from circulating in the air or touching sensitive parts of the system. Filters usually block dust, pollen, lint, mold, hair, animal fur, bacteria, and other pollutants.

How Often Should Filters Be Changed?

Depending on the type of air filter you use, you may need to stick to various schedules to ensure that the filter is still running at peak efficiency. Most manufacturers recommend changing simple filters every 30 to 60 days, but this may be influenced by a number of factors.

  • A filter should be adjusted every 90 days in a typical home with no pets.
  • If you have a single pet in your house, the filter should be replaced every 60 days.
  • If you have several pets or if someone in your home suffers from allergies, you can change the filter every 20 to 45 days.

What Happens When You Don’t Change Your Filter? 

If air filters are not changed on a regular basis, particles and chemicals that bind to the filter clog them. While the filter is built to contain these minute particles, the buildup creates an almost impenetrable barrier, preventing the air from passing through entirely, which can lead to a slew of issues with the entire HVAC system.

Higher Energy Bills

As the filter gets clogged, air is unable to flow freely into the device. Since the air is working for longer, the whole system has to work harder to deliver heat or air where it is required, which raises the energy bills.

Poor Temperature Regulation 

Since clogged air filters cause the device to work harder to generate airflow, warm or cold air cannot get where it needs to go. As a result, some rooms could be too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer.

Health Concerns 

If the air filter becomes clogged and is unable to trap pollutants as effectively as it once did, those contaminants which end up back in the air that everyone in your home breathes. Headaches, itchy eyes or mouth, and dizziness are also possible symptoms. If the air filters are not replaced and the problems persist, the long-term consequences may include respiratory illnesses, heart disease, or cancer.

Furnace Failures

As the system works harder to avoid clogged air filters, the entire system will overwork and eventually fail. If this occurs, you will need to rebuild the whole device, which can cost between $4,000 and $12,000. Since air filters are typically less than $40, they are inexpensive to replace on a regular basis as opposed to replacing the entire system.

Clamped-Up Coils 

If overworked, evaporative coils, which help extract heat from the air to keep your home cool, will freeze. With a clogged air filter, the air does not flow correctly over the coils, causing them to stop working and resulting in complete system failure.

What to Do

If you haven’t changed your home’s air filters in a while, your next step should be to decide which filters you need and replace them as soon as possible. If the old filters seem to be so clogged that nothing, not even air, can move through them, it’s time to call an HVAC professional. They will come to your home and check the device, resolving any issues caused by clogged filters and avoiding potential problems.



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April 4, 2021

How Banner Stand Lights Make Your Ads Stand Out?

How Banner Stand Lights Make your Ad Stand Out

Many times you will see the advertisement space during trade show booths and not have much appeal for this. Banners lights are among the best ways of making sure your advertisement stands out and is noticed!

You want to locate a way to have an epic advertisements on your ad space to ensure it really stands out. Most people just throw upadvertising banners with no type of banner ad design on these. They might have them upon retractable banner ads but that’s about everything they do. Now you can add a little something extra to your advertisement and this is among the main things to do!

Banner stand lights are a superb way to emphasize your advertisement space on banner stands.

This is an effective medium to bring out event information, banner design, and your entire visual concept for your trade show exhibits. You wish to identify the expression of your advertising screen as this will offer the identity as to what you’re promoting. Having fabric banner stand light in trade show booths with custom images help bring people to what you’re trying to showcase. Next, consider the dimensions and opt from different kinds of banners you can use. Next, you select from banner stands available that will help in the overall appearance of your advertisement.

Emphasize your Banner

As soon as your banner was hung with the lights, then you will want to make certain that the lights are hitting the ideal areas in regard to what you would wish to emphasize.There are a lot of different sorts of banner standlights to select from. It’s possible to put money into solar lights or regular ones. Both these options will work well for your advertising purposes. Just make sure whichever kind of banner you purchase is capable of producing decent lighting for your purposes.

So as to really get an edge on your competitors, you want to use all the options which are offered to you. Banner stand lights are just one of these. There are plentymore options out there in the event that you invest some time exploring your options. read more about BBB here. They could help you out on choosing the best kind of banner you should utilize.

Proper Placement

How Banner Stand Lights Make your Ad Stand Out

For trade show displays, you need to make sure that every ad is highlighted. It is not possible for a banner to acquire a nice placement if it is not seen. By employing high intensity leds and a vibrant banner layout, you could also choose the banner standmodel to boost the expression of the advertisement and the display as well. There are evena huge array of colors available for your stand, so you can match your trade show display with the color of your choice. No more dull, gray trade show displays that never draw folks in.

Selecting the Ideal Colors to Match

The ideal mixture of colors will underline the brandname of your product or service. Choose a bright, bold color that is going to appear on the custom banner you will use and the banner ad stands out from the competition on the trade show floor. It is possible to use one color, multiple colors, or a combination of colors to really emphasize your stand. If you’re promoting a new brand, consider integrating the new brand in your design. If you’re attempting to get past a few of this competition, then utilize your most popular brands with a few variations.

Employing a colorful banner standlights can really add an energetic appeal to your screen. They catch people’s attention as they are walking past. They are quick to attract attention. This is very important at trade show exhibits because there’s absolutely no time to slow down to take a look at what is coming up on the monitor. The people which are in your table have only a couple of seconds to decide whether they want to remain and look at your banner stands or proceed into the next booth.

When you utilize LED technology, you get over the standard halogen lights. This type of technology creates a brighter light and the colors are more vivid. This could be more challenging in attempting to make a stand which may look professional while not breaking too much. These are generally designed to be utilized as temporary light apparatus through a pop up screen. Consequently, they may be altered as necessary for the duration of the event.

Banner Layout

Your marketing events are only as good as the way you advertise it. If you want to draw attention to your banner screens, this is critical. Developing a banner design which will compliment the appearance of your business or event is crucial. Banner stands work only because they attract attention in a favorable manner. This is one of the ways how banner standlights make your ad stand out. Whether it’s moving across the display floor or hanging over your screen, these lights are sure to attract attention.

Maximizing Using your Banners

The technology employed in these lights permit them to produce a bright light when retaining color tones . This makes them perfect for use on a huge array of displays including jewelry displays, exhibits and trade shows. They are also perfect for outdoor occasions such as festivals and weddings. In order to maximize their performance. If your banner stands are retractable you want to work out how this can be utilized well. Can a pull-up banner work better for your campaign, or are using double-sided banner ads better? Where you may place them and what type of screen you will have? You need to pay special attention to placement. If you want to find out more you can check out this site: https://www.biggerbetterbanner.com/how-to-add-banner-stand-lights-to-your-display/. We discovered they provide the best tips on how best to well use your advertising materials like banners. This is one of the most essential aspects of understanding how banner standlights make your ad stand out. You need to consider those items to have them all match to utilize it to their fullest extent that’s effective to your overall advertising campaign.


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